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private lessons customized just for your situation!

LanGo Institute offers private lessons (1:1) and semi-private lessons (up to 2-3 students) with flexible scheduling options for students of all ages and abilities. Take private lessons with an experienced instructor and benefit from a personalized curriculum customized especially for your level, interests, and learning goals. We currently offer private/semi-private lessons at the beginner to advanced level for English as a second language and Spanish, and Korean, and at the beginner to intermediate level for French, (Mandarin) Chinese, German, and American Sign Language. Our private lessons are not only an excellent way to learn your target language efficiently, but they are affordable too — share them with a partner for the same price or share them with 2+ people for an extra $10 per hour!

  • Enroll at any time during a session and pick your preferred day/time/duration for lessons

  • 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 private lessons paired with an experienced instructor

  • Personalized lesson plans customized to your level, interests, and learning goals

  • Try it out with a 1-hour trial lesson, book a full session of lessons (9-lesson package), or buy lessons in 5-, 10-, or 15-, or 20-lesson packages

  • One-time $50 registration fee / $45 per hour for private lessons on site at LanGo Institute and $35 per hour for private lessons online from anywhere in the world

    Interested in private lessons at your home or workplace? Contact us for pricing.

WHY take private lessons with us?

  • Personalization: Learn with the approach you prefer with lesson plans customized just for your skill level, goals, and areas of interest.

  • Flexibility: Start your lessons anytime during a session on the preferred day/time/duration of your choice. Learn on-site at our school or online from the comfort of your home.

  • Hands on approach: From the first day of class, you are applying what you are learning through fun and engaging activities. Our students always have a great time!

  • Affordable: Get the most learning out of every lesson with 1:1 individualized attention. For semi-private lessons, you can share your private lesson with a sibling or friend for the same price or share them with 2+ people for an extra $10 per hour!

  • Experienced teachers: Our teachers are experts in linguistics, working with students of all backgrounds, and teaching using communicative and experiential approaches. They will engage with you in the learning process and give you personalized attention. Our teachers are native speakers or have lived and worked where your target language is spoken, so you will learn of insider knowledge about culture along the way too!

  • Social events: We offer many social events throughout each session including happy hours, movie nights, cultural events, language exchanges, and holiday parties. This way students have lots of opportunities to practice, get to know us, and be part of the LanGo polyglot community!



Do you want to study at LanGo Institute but do not live in the Dallas area? Or do you live in the Dallas area but want to study in the comfort of your home? Are you comfortable with working with your webcam? If so, our online language lessons with Google Hangout, Skype, or Facebook Chat are perfect for you! Simply submit your student profile and we'll get you up and going in no time. See you online!



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All language learners, polygots, and guests are welcome to enjoy our Language Lounge while visiting LanGo Institute. Great music, wifi access, delicious coffee and beverages, charging ports to power your electronics, and wonderful friendships — the LanGo experience is unique, fun, relaxing, and one of a kind! Enjoy a beverage and practice your target language with a conversation partner in our lounge today.

Thank you to our incredible students and team for making LanGo Institute the best place to learn and practice languages. Enjoy!