LanGo Institute
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Hello! 안녕하세요! HOLA! 你好! BONJOUR! Hallo! こんにちは!


Welcome to our 2019 language programs at LanGo Institute, an exciting new language school for learners on the go. At LanGo Institute, we welcome everyone, whether you are short or tall, outgoing or shy, a complete beginner or very advanced in the language you want to learn. We believe that language can/should:

  • encourage multilingualism and multiculturalism;

  • empower people from different backgrounds to learn from each other;

  • promote diversity and cultural growth;

  • expand one’s world view and possibilities; and

  • cultivate a wonderful community of language lovers and polyglots.

We connect people with quality language learning opportunities so that they can improve their second and heritage language skills. Our introductory workshops, small group classes, and private lessons focus not only on target language/culture immersion and integrated, applicable skills but also on making language learning simple and fun. We offer many language programs, in variety of different formats and with flexible scheduling options, to suit the needs and interests of busy learners.

Our mission is to provide awesome language learning experiences. We believe in empowering students with language education and cultural awareness so that they can become confident, open-minded learners for life. Register for one (or more!) of our language programs today and let us help you achieve all of your learning goals.

Speak soon!

/the LanGo Team