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Group Classes


learn with a small group of awesome classmates!

LanGo Institute offers small group classes during weekday evenings and on weekend mornings and afternoons. Our task-oriented, immersion approach creates real-life learning environments that equip students with skills they can immediately apply in their lives. Activities such as role playing, discussing current events and culture, and group projects provide practical (and fun) lessons that help students to not only manage daily tasks in their target language but also to be immersed in it. We currently offer immersion group classes at the beginner to advanced level for English as a second language, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French and German.

  • 9 week sessions: 1 day per week / 2 hours per class / 18 hours total

  • $349 per session

  • Weekday evenings, and weekend mornings and afternoons, at LanGo Institute

  • Maximum 8 students per class paired with an experienced instructor

Why our group classes?

  • Immersion: Our classes are taught 100% in the target language so you can learn to THINK in the language. If you really want to learn a new language, this is the only tried and true way to learn!

  • Hands on approach: From the first day of class, you are applying what you are learning through fun and engaging activities. Our students always have a great time!

  • Affordable: Register early to enjoy an early bird discount and pay about $15 per hour of class. You’ll see real progress after just a few sessions, making it worth every penny!

  • Experienced teachers: Our teachers are experts in linguistics, working with students of all backgrounds, and teaching using communicative and experiential approaches. They will engage with you in the learning process and give you personalized attention. Our teachers are native speakers or have lived and worked where your target language is spoken, so you will learn of insider knowledge about culture along the way too!

  • Small class size: With a maximum of 8 students per class, you will have plenty of opportunity to practice in class, meet classmates learning the same target language, and receive individual attention.

  • Social events: We offer many social events throughout each session including happy hours, movie nights, cultural events, language exchanges, and holiday parties. This way students have lots of opportunities to practice, get to know us, and be part of the LanGo polyglot community!

Our upcoming sessioNS

  • Summer Session

  • Starts the week of June 3rd, 2019

  • 8 week session

  • 1 class per week / 2 hours per class

  • Evenings Monday to Friday; Mornings and Afternoons on Saturday and Sunday

  • Fall I Session

  • Starts the week of August 5th, 2019

  • 9 week session

  • 1 class per week / 2 hours per class

  • Evenings Monday to Friday; Mornings and Afternoons on Saturday and Sunday

  • Fall II Session

  • Starts the week of October 14th, 2019

  • 9 week session

  • 1 class per week / 2 hours per class

  • Evenings Monday to Friday; Mornings and Afternoons on Saturday and Sunday




Do you want to study at LanGo Institute but do not live in the Dallas area? Or do you live in the Dallas area but want to study in the comfort of your home? Are you comfortable with working with your webcam? If so, our online language lessons with Google Hangout, Skype, or Facebook Chat are perfect for you! Simply submit your student profile and we'll get you up and going in no time. See you online!




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All language learners, polygots, and guests are welcome to enjoy our Language Lounge while visiting LanGo Institute. Great music, wifi access, delicious coffee and beverages, charging ports to power your electronics, and wonderful friendships — the LanGo experience is unique, fun, relaxing, and one of a kind! Enjoy a beverage and practice your target language with a conversation partner in our lounge today.

Thank you to our incredible students and team for making LanGo Institute the best place to learn and practice languages. Enjoy!