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I am Dr. Lisa Jeon Ox, Director of Language Programs at LanGo Institute. I welcome the opportunity to meet you, discuss your language learning goals, and help determine the best educational approach for you to discover, learn, and speak your target language. With our communicative, experiential, and immersive approach to language teaching, you will be able to have simple conversations in your target language within a few months or even weeks. We make language learning easy, social, and fun and we’re here to answer all of your questions and keep you motivated.

Please complete this form and I will contact you to schedule a consultation over email or phone. To determine the best language program for your particular situation, I’ll ask you about your exposure to your target language so far, as well as your goals, interests, and scheduling preferences. You can also request to come in and take a placement exam for a more accurate measure of your current level. And while you’re visiting, can can take a tour of our school, meet our team, and learn more about the personal benefits of our language programs.

Thank you for your interest in LanGo Institute — I look forward to speaking with you soon!

/ Lisa (리사)


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