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After you register and submit your student profile, we will immediately begin your enrollment process for private lessons. Please answer all questions thoroughly so that we may provide you the best possible language education.

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tuition, lesson PACKAGES & FEES

  • Scheduling and Lesson Length: Customizable; minimum 1-hour lesson/week

  • Pricing: Private lesson (up to 2 people) $45/lesson, semi-private lesson (up to 3 people) $55/lesson, and online lessons $35/lesson

  • Lesson Packages: 1-hour trial lesson, full session of lessons (9-lesson package), or buy lessons in 5-, 10-, or 15-, or 20-lesson packages

  • Registration fee: One-time, non-refundable fee of $50 per session.

  • Textbook: Students are responsible for the cost of any textbook(s) assigned by their instructor.

Tuition includes:

  • Custom learning plan

  • Classes with an experienced LanGo Institute language instructor

  • Lesson materials, supplemental resources, and learning progress via Google Drive or Teachable

  • Assessments and weekly assignments with instructor feedback

  • Access to additional learning content, live office hours, and Q&As in our private Facebook Group

  • End of session certificate

For each session, we offer a 50% deposit payment option with the remaining balance due after the 4th class. For more information, contact