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Do you have an interest in learning and practicing a second or heritage language? Anyone who is interested in finding a partner to practice language exchange is welcome to attend our free monthly Language Exchanges. Language exchange means TEACHING your native language or a language you are fluent in to someone else in exchange for LEARNING their native language or a language they are fluent in. You can do this by meeting up regularly with a language exchange partner. It's also a great way to make new friends and learn about other cultures. If you are like us, and love all things language, this is a great opportunity to meet other language enthusiasts from the Dallas/Fort Worth area!


Calling all Korean language and culture enthusiasts! Join us on Friday, July 19th, 2019 for a night of Korean food 한식, karaoke 노래방, and cultural fun in the "ktown" area of Carrollton. Make new friends, practice your Korean skills, and learn new things! This is a great opportunity to meet other language enthusiasts from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

6:30 PM: Meet us at BCD Tofu House in Carrollton. You can purchase drinks and/or dinner at your option. Enjoy delicious Korean food (they are especially well-known for their delicious soondubu 순두부 Korean tofu soup), learn about a multitude of kdishes and drinks, practice ordering in Korean, and mingle with the rest of us! We'll have a table reserved for our polyglots.

8:30 PM: After dinner, we'll head over to Sing Box Karaoke for lots of karaoke fun! There will also be drinks and snacks available for purchase at your option. Come prepared with a few karaoke favorites that you'd like to sing. ;D

Also let us know in the comments if you'll only be joining for a portion of the event, i.e., only dinner or only karaoke, so we can plan accordingly. RSVP below throughout our Meetup group.

We look forward to seeing everyone. Speak (and SING) soon! 💬🎙🎶


Calling all language lovers and polyglots! Join us on Saturday, July 27th, 2019 at 6:30 PM for a language exchange, potluck, and Latin dance night at LanGo Institute. Wanna make new friends, learn new things, and achieve new goals? This is a great opportunity to meet other language enthusiasts from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At this event, we'll focus on Spanish-English practice.

Come meet us at LanGo Institute for unstructured "linguistic speed-friending" and casual conversation. Mingle with the rest of us, practice conversing in your target language, find language exchange partners, and learn some Latin dance moves! We'll have instructors teaching salsa. (Let us know if you know some dance moves and would be willing to teach as well!)

Please bring a potluck item to share for dinner. Beverages (water, soft drinks, and coffee) will be provided. RSVP through our Meetup group below.

We look forward to seeing everyone. Speak soon! 💬💃🕺